Provincial and Municipal Permits
Contact our permit specialist at to order and organize your municipal/provincial permits and signoffs for the individual counties within Ontario. We will also assist with the organization of police when required.
Route Surveys
With over 25 years of experience, our large database and experienced staff can provide you with complete survey services for all of your oversized load requirements, identifying safe proven routes to ensure an efficient trip.
Physical Route Surveys
With the continuous changing infrastructure, and the ever growing size of cargo, our route survey experts check each bridge, corner, overhead utility, and any other pertinent obstacle along the route. To ensure that the different types of cargo and trailers used for the move can do so safely, efficiently and legally. With the use of photographs, electronic tools and measurements we ensure the proper routes are used.
Driver/Load Assistance
Our team of professional drivers are also the extra hands you may need. We assist with loading/unloading, tarping, installation of overhead line skippers, assembly/disassembly of trailers and any other area where we are able to make the job more efficient, smooth and safe.
Pilot Cars
We provide lead and rear escorts, high poles, tillerman/steer operators, security cars, safety vehicles and traffic control units. Our pilot cars cover all of North America, and are fully licenced and insured. Each pilot car has the latest technology in mapping and measuring devices, as well as modern warning equipment.
Project Management
We provide project management on and off the job site. Scheduling police, escorts, trucks, utilities, time management, safety training and all aspects of large or small scale projects. Our field supervisors ensure procedures are being followed by tracking people, equipment and freight. With our large fleet of late model pilot cars, we have an unmatched ability to provide complete pilot car services no matter how large the project is.
The Diamond 1 Call
The Diamond One Call is our way of taking the burden and stress off trucking and logistics companies. You make one call and we do your routing, permit ordering and police/escort setup (if required). We follow up with the municipalities and everyone else involved so you don’t have to. No more tracking down route problems, missed information, multiple pilot car companies etc. We take care of it for you.